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New Collaborations with Jennifer Schomberg Kanke in the Tallahassee Democrat

Sharp Things

                         -Jen Schomberg Kanke & Kristine Snodgrass

What sharp things
have I swallowed
toothpicks, safety pins, and
the diner much-
anticipated postprandial
peace and satisfaction. 
Like a grain of sand
between two millstones, 
the foreign matter grates on us – 
until it is worked free.
Or pierces us in the trying.
Lacerations or punctures,
does it matter which? The hole
 is a hole

What is "The War on Pants"?

"Definitely "a mixed-era artifact", The War on Pants is of the minute: poems about a "dainty little bomb",gender-in-the-face of Kant, Rilke but so roboty (a bow to the machine that made us). While Snodgrass deals, words play word-splays.  Art me!  Funny!  Weird variant."    -Terese Svoboda